South Carolina-based destination wedding + elopement photographer for the

free-spirited lovers

Whaddddupp, fam?!!?

I’m soooo pumped you’re here. You can call me Kirbz, Kay, Bestie, whatevzzzz, or if you wanna be fancy, you can call me by my official name, Kaylee. I’m just a good ole Georgia peach livin’ in a South Carolina Fairytale.

So if you're ready for a fun, rowdy, adventure with the love of your friggin' life, and you're still reading this... we may be meant for each other... and we may end up bestieesssss <3 

So whatchu waitin' for?

My goal is to capture and chronicle the image of love's legacy in the earth.

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Lezzz go!

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I'm here to serve you. 

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"She has such an eye for the perfect shots!! She even got in the water (clothes and all) just to get it for us! She truly has a God-given talent for photography!! I highly recommend her to ANYONE!! You can’t go wrong!!"


Kaylee is an absolute dream to work with!

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