Photography...this word continues to come alive in my heart more and more each day. While it is a very physical and emotional thing, I feel connected to this craft on a spiritual level... Enough so that when I capture a moment, I feel as though that moment is forever held in the palms of our hands in which it can come alive again with just a simple glimpse. I believe a still image can carry, at it’s very core, a sound, a smell, a feeling, even a touch from a loved one no longer near.

The Lord, Yahweh, my daddy God, started speaking to me about Deep Roots Chronicles after a special word was given to me by a spiritual father in my life. The Lord said I would “capture the image of love's legacy in the Earth.” The legacy being, the hope of the future and all the days to come: a child’s smile, true love’s kiss, the magical touch of two lovers, etc. Our deep roots will entangle every time I capture your love, and we will always be connected. Because of this,

On the way to my engagement shoot, Austin and I got in a fight. Not a small one, fam. I felt disconnected and fake lovin’ up on him the entire time we were in front of the camera just to later “show off our love for each other” with the prints we received. At that point in time, I made the decision to never let that happen to the people in front of my camera.

If you had a fight on the way to your shoot, we gone throw leaves at each other and hash it out ’til we laugh it out. We gone find the nearest lake and water fight the issue away. Alright, I know this isn’t the solution to all problems... but the point is, whatever happens - I want to capture YOU. Whatever it looks like. THAT, I promise, will mean more to you in the future than posed, uncomfortable, awkward pictures that are screaming “we fought on the way here!”

I want to give you so much more than just great pictures - I want to be the best fangirl on the planet when you’re in front of my camera... I want to know what you and ya boo love to do together, your favorite way for him to hold you, your favorite song together, all of it! How did he propose, girl? I want all the pictures of your dress because, hello, we in this thang together. I want to actually get to know YOU. All these things help me capture Y’ALL in the perfect way.

If you decide I’m the right fit for you, I’m here to be your right-hand-gal, and I’ll be your #1 fan every step of the way! Need help with your timeline? I actually have a blog already waiting for you + I’m here to answer any questions you have. Forgot your “something borrowed?” Take my necklace! I’ll be there with a napkin if your mascara is running; I’ll tell you if your hair is sticking up. We in this together, gal pal.

I may or may not be your girl, and that's okay!

Why Deep Roots Chronicles?

I want to capture the real YOU.

Up for the adventure?

Photography is much more than just the beautiful craft of taking pictures.

"Kaylee took pictures for us a year ago and I am in still so in love with them! She is such a joy to work with and makes you feel so incredibly comfortable during your session."

- Abbey J.

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 Are you a fellow photog looking for some posing tips?

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