If you see me around, you’re most likely gonna see me laughing my lil’ heart out, and let’s be honest, it’s probably at my own joke... I love nature, and call me basic, but I’m a coffee gal. I’m a Christmas FANATIC and start Christmas jamz in October (i know... it’s bad, don’t shame me). If you wanna get to know me a little more, click here. Or stay right where you are for more of my wild, crazy, out of control life that I’ve fallen so madly in love with.

My family is my everything.

One word: authenticity.

I want to live a life FULLY alive.

Welcome to my world.

And my sister Marlee is my best friend of all time (and my soul mate). My Prince Charming tricked me into our first date, but i knew we would be together forever before he did.  I value long, in-depth conversation. I love the questions that make you think and think hard - about humanity, existence, creation. I believe this is where the most creativity can be found. I love that feeling i get in my stomach after creating something spectacular, something i've never seen before... It's the same feeling i get when i hear a song that is different.

I take a look at all the things in my life... everything i'm drawn to is extreeemely authentic. I say it this way because the music i listen to would probably freak you out because it's not quite "well put together" and you'll probably never hear it on the radio or see it on top 100... but there's so much passion and creativity hidden inside their authenticity, i choose it again and again. The people i'm drawn to aren't always going to be the most popular, the prettiest in the eyes of society, and say what's "supposed" to be said in public... They're probably not the most politically correct, but they're always THEMSELVES. Most of the time these people are spewing passion and they are the most beautiful people to me because they have truly embraced THEMSELVES for who they are and who they were designed to be.

Music and people are only 2 things off the huge list of things i could go on about... When i listen to this music and i'm around these people, i ask myself serious questions about life... Like when did everything become so frickin' polished? Have i conformed to the way society claims we should be as humans? Because to be totally honest, sometimes i just need to yell, scream - not because i'm angry, and not because i'm upset about anything at all.... but because i know there's something deeeep within me that has longed to come out since the day i was formed. I feel myself become more aliveeee when i let out something unearthly... Like a lion or a song bird with a muzzle on...

Who knows what happens when the muzzle is ripped away... I believe I become the most confident ME there is. And maybe i release a song never heard before in all of the cosmos... and maybe that sets ME free.

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More about meeee...

∙ Favorite food? Japanese babyyyy, gimme all the Yum-Yum sauce.

∙ I grew up thinking I was born into the wrong time era and wore 80's poofy/frizzy/teased hair AND cut my bangs, Jesus help me.

∙ I love poetry and sometimes I write it! Read over on the blog.

∙ From the time I could pet cats, I wanted to be a vet, and I even worked at an animal hospital for 5 years during high school/early college.

∙ I played collegiate tennis yeeeyeeee!

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